Quality Policy Statement

Segulat Nigeria Limited is committed to the highest standard of building works. We listen to our customers, continually reviewing our processes of service delivery in line with business needs, maximizing the efficiency of our resource management system. The principal elements of our policy are:

•To focus on the requirements of customers, establishing levels of communication capable of fully determining their needs and expectations.
•To establish and maintain an infrastructure capable of supporting all company activities and realizing all company objectives.
•To identify scope for improvement in every aspect of the company’s activities, devising and implementing effective solutions throughout
•To be a sector leader in utilization of modern and valid techniques, material and management systems, and to maintain the sustainable development in every area
•Efficient and effective management of company human resources that helps the realization of projects in advance of set deadlines, conforming to every quality standard prescribed.
•To run an excellent info-sharing management system and communication link among client, construction site and headquarter offices.
•To create permanent relations with subcontractors, suppliers and project partners based on good intentions and trust, and accordingly to contribute also to their progress within the sector